Upon booking a place at Norwich Creative Market I agree to the following:


1. I will pay for my stall in accordance with the payment policy.

2. Cancellations by myself will not be refunded. Full event cancellation from the organiser will be refunded.

3. Notified cancellations may be offered a stall at a future market, at the discretion of the organiser.

4. I will ensure I have obtained public liability insurance which covers me for this event.

5. A copy of the insurance policy number and provider will be provided to the organiser not later than 2 weeks prior to the event.

6. I will bring a printed or accessible digital copy of my insurance document with me to the event.

7. I will not bring food or drink to sell or give away for free at this event without prior consent from the organiser.

8. Only food or drink vendors with a 5* food hygiene certificate will be permitted to provide food at this venue.

9. If accepted as a food or drink vendor I will provide the link to my food hygiene certificate no later than 1 month prior to the event.

10. When selling products that require certification (such as soap, cosmetics or items intended for children) I will ensure that this certification is valid before attending the market. I will provide my certification evidence to the organiser no later than 1 week prior to the event and understand my stall will be cancelled without a refund if I cannot provide this information.

11.  I understand that marketing is a group effort and will publicise my attendance at this event through social media or my website.

12. I will not bring any additional floor standing fittings and fixtures without booking adequate floor space.

13. I will ensure that any additional fixtures or fittings are fit for purpose and will not be hazardous to myself or the public.

14. I will not fix any items to the walls of the venue.

15. I will take my waste with me when I leave or dispose of it in the bins provided by the venue.

16. I understand that parking is not available at the St Andrews Hall venue unless I have a disabled badge or have requested a special permit from the organiser. Other venues will be detailed on the information page.

17. I understand that specific time slots are available for unloading at the venue and I will adhere to my chosen slot to the best of my ability.

18. I understand that the organiser will do their best to accommodate my floor plan request but that priority will be given to the largest bookings and those that need access to power.

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