Are you interested in running a workshop?

There are 3 ways you could run a workshop at the Handmade and Creative Market.

1) Hire a space at the event. Run it, equip it and sell tickets yourself.

2) Get paid to run a workshop. Tell me your idea, the equipment I need to supply and how much you would charge as a flat fee for your time.

3) Book a normal stall space with the vendor booking form and run 'mini classes' or sell 'make and take' products at your stall.

Hiring space

If you are hoping to hire the space and run the classes yourself the same rates will apply as hiring a stall. Please see the vendor information page for pricing. This is more suited to people already running workshops who already have the relevant insurance in place, along with their own risk assessment, payment and refund policies. Your event will be publicised on the website and a ticket booking portal can be added to your listing. You are fully responsible for ensuring you charge accordingly to make a profit and that you administer all your own bookings.

In your application email you should tell me:

- What your workshop entails

- How long each session will be

- How many participants each session can have

- How much it would cost per person

- How many sessions you hope to run between 9 and 5

- What will you provide to your participants in terms of equipment, materials and instructions


Get paid or Volunteer

I am happy to run a number of workshops where I supply the materials. You would be covered under my public liability as an employer. As the expert in your craft it is expected that you will contribute to a risk assessment, which I am able to support you in writing. It is intended that these will be free or cheap, short drop in sessions (such as badge making, bow making or decorating)

I am looking for volunteers to man the children's art tables with simple colouring, collage or similar activities. Perfect for childcare students.

In your initial email you should tell me:

- Your area of expertise (for kids workshops just tell me what you'd like to do)

- Your initial ideas about what type of workshop you'd like to run.

- Your availability eg. Morning only, all weekend.

- An estimation of the materials you would need. We will discuss this in full before a decision is made.

- Are there any notable hazards associated with this activity?

It is likely that paid contributors will be running paid activities and the pay will be in line with minimum wage. Unpaid volunteers are needed for our kids craft tables and charity activities. Volunteer roles are perfect for those with no work experience who need a reference for an upcoming job application or college course.

Run an activity at your stall

This is suitable for people who sell items that lend themselves to personalisation, for example cards or leather bracelets. It might be that you sell a small range of high priced goods and are looking for a way to introduce a lower cost item without detracting from your main concept. You may simply find yourself in need of a way to break the ice and engage customers with your products. You can book your stall over at the vendor information page and then we can further discuss the best layout option for your space. Your initial email needs to tell me what you sell currently, your ideas for an interactive activity and how you see it working. Please note that your public liability insurance must cover you for running workshops and or demonstrations and you must produce a risk assessment.

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