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**The rest of this website outside of this page is not up to date. I hope to move to a new home soon and am not investing time here before the rebuild.**

How to participate in selling on June 13th and 14th.

In advance...

1) Decide what you are going to sell and take some great pictures. Plain white or black backgrounds make your items stand out.

2) Make some graphics with the price, lead time and 'how to buy' info for each item. You can pop them in a carousel behind the item photo. This is optional but will increase sales as buyers will have all the information.

3) Are you going to have any promotions, giveaways or competitions running? Make a graphic and send it to me over on Insta.

I will be posting some examples of this over on my @brambleleather (<-- clicky) account right after this update. Go and have a look and feel free to adapt it to suit you. 

On the night...

Important things to note

1) I can only share half of you each night. There are 160 participants at the time of writing and I don't want to be locked out for spam.

2) I will only be sharing your stories on my stories, not my grid. 

3) I will be making 3 grid posts each night. 1 will be a carousel for offers, 1 for giveaways and one for competitions. If you want to take part in this you need to send me a graphic image to share. eg 10% off! @brambleleather or 500 follower giveaway @brambleleather 

4)In order to get your posts seen by shoppers you need to use the #handmadeindoors on your posts. You then advertise/tell shoppers to search for the # in order to shop - I will have sent you a graphic for this on Instagram so please check your DMs

5) In order to get your story re shared by me you must have mentioned me @handmadeandcreativemarket on your story so I see it. To do this click on the little square with a smiley face at the top of the story creation screen. There is an @mention 'sticker' to click which will allow you to type me in. You can make this tiny and even cover it up but it does need to be there for me to be notified. It is best to put your best photo up first as this is what I will share.

I have not made any templates, mock up stall frames or similar for your posts. The idea is to keep this as simple and enjoyable as possible. If you want frames for next time please let me know - I will be happy to add them in as an optional extra. 

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