The Halls, Norwich Exhibitor Guide


Summer at The Halls, Norwich - August 22nd & 23rd - Rolling applications. Once it's full it's full - Click to apply

Christmas at The Halls, Norwich - Sunday November 29th - Rolling applications. Once it's full it's full - Click to apply

Each of our dates at The Halls, Norwich can accommodate up to 130 exhibitors, including workshops, demonstrations, craft materials and food, in addition to our artists and makers. We advertise in a range of printed community magazines, in various online outlets and I write a regular piece for Let's Talk Magazine. Only 2 dates will take place at the Halls this year. Summer will be an interactive weekend with workshops and demonstrations. Christmas will be 95% are and craft sales.

A number of places will be reserved for guild members, some for new businesses that have not exhibited much or ever before and the rest of spaces will go to non guild members. You do not need to be a guild member to apply for these events. I would love to hear from you if you would like to run a workshop so please send an email to discuss. There are also opportunities to be paid to supervise a range of short drop in activities at the August event.


Both dates are live today. Please click the correct button at the bottom of this page to view the application form. Applications for this event are accepted on a rolling basis. What this means is your application will be reviewed and invoiced within a few days of submission. There is no closing date for applications and the form will be closed once the event is full. With events of this size I always get cancellations. Duplicate stalls and those who miss out will be added to the waiting list. It is expected that you pay your invoice on receipt. After 5 days your space will be returned to the pool.

This is a diverse event. It will be curated to limit duplicate exhibitors and ensure that everyone is selling for profit - This is not an event for those just covering the cost of their materials. It is a handmade or small batch designer event. Mass produced items and marketing stalls are not permitted. There are a number of free spaces available to small, local charities who sell handmade goods or craft materials. We get a wide range of shoppers at this event and I do my best to accommodate a wide range of artists and makers at different stages of their career. This said, the majority of our advertising budget is spent on the 35+ age group and our biggest spenders are the over 50's. Our younger audience love prints, fun jewellery and plants. At least they did - who knows what 2020 will bring!


Each pitch is priced per day as follows:

4ft space - £35

6ft space - £51

8ft space - £67

10ft space - £83

12ft space - £99

Workshop space with 2 8ft tables - £67

Workshop space with 2 8ft tables and a 6ft sales table - £99

Save 10% when you book for 2 days at our August event.

Space  information

  • Tables are available in 4ft, 6ft and 8ft lengths. 

  • Each table is 30 inches deep.

  • There will be one chair included and stacks of extras will be available during set up for you to help yourself.

  • Wall stalls will have space beside them for the chair.

  • Central stalls will have space behind them for the chair.

  • If you bring your own table £3 will be deducted from the above cost.

  • You may bring your own free standing backing board as long as it fits flush with your table and does not pose a health or safety hazard.

  • Backing boards are not provided by the organiser or venue and nothing may be fixed to the wall.

  • There is no room for extra fittings and fixtures such as shelves, print racks, mannequins or extra tables. If you want to bring these you should book floor space on the form.

  • The Halls is a complex with 4 separate exhibition spaces. You may be allocated any one of these spaces but can submit a preference on your application form

Parking and Unloading

  • Unload in front of the venue for free.

  • No onsite parking is available. Please factor this cost into your day.

  • You can find a range of car parks and prices listed at

The event is open to the public from 11am - 5pm and set up is from 9.15 - 10.45

In August you can apply to do one or both days.

To host a workshop you should email me to outline your ideas, experience and cost.

You must have public liability insurance and relevant certification for items such as Children's toys, candles and beauty products.

Open applications

August 22nd & 23rd

November 29th

This is a not a dog friendly venue.

Your pitch fee includes the following:

  • A table and chair

  • Up to one hour & 30 minutes of set up time and one hour of pack up time

  • Co-hosting on the Facebook event if you have a Facebook business page

  • Inclusion in grouped social media posts promoting the event and your business if images provided are of a good quality

  • One image included in the promotional video, if the image is of suitable quality

  • Marketing of the event suitable to the particular venue

  • Access to the blog for advice on market attendance and other craft business advice

Your pitch fee does not include:

Guaranteed sales. It is up to you to promote your own individual business as attending this event, communicate with customers appropriately and dress your stall to a standard which will appeal to buyers. Read the Blog posts for helpful information.

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions and payment policy before applying.

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